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QATAR UNIVERSITY - Law and Education Faculties

Status: Invited Competition (Concept Design)
Public (Education)
15.000 m² + 15.000 m²
Doha (Qatar)

Qatar University is a continuously moving forward to be one of the leading educational institutions in the region.

Following the Office for Metropolitan Architecture masterplan's vision calling for an increase of the critical mass, the Qatar University is expanding and intends to provide high quality standard of education through a new building for the College of Law and a new one for the College of Education.


Bird Eye view

The College of Law aspires to be the primer College of Law in the region in recognition of the quality of its academic program, the achievements of its faculty and graduates, and its service to the local and the international community. Its mission is to be committed to provide its students with the finest legal education that shall equip them to an unparalleled professional success.

The College of Education at the Qatar University will be a leading institution in the preparation of education professionals through outstanding teaching, scholarship, and leadership in order to enhance the future of coming generations. The College of Education is committed to provide excellence in the initial advance preparation of education professionals by establishing a foundation in which life-long learning, teaching, research, and community partnership are fostered.


The complex from the main street

The design for the two buildings follows the idea of maintaining a distinct and well recognizable identity for each of the two buildings while unifying their reciprocal ambition in achieving high educational goals.

Through a precious singular roof canopy the two masses read as one institution while their diverse facades communicates uniqueness and autonomy. The College of Education Building adopts a vertical mullion facade, expressing the desire for dynamic and endless learning, and the College of Law Building is rigidly wrapped by the same mullion facade organized horizontally.


The males quarter plaza

The designers respond to the firm Male and Female flow's separation by playing with split levels. By and within the two buildings, males always travel at one meter and 50 centimeters below the females flow.

The whole design meets Green Building design process requirements to qualify for Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS).


The males quarter entrances

Credits: Cristina C. Murphy, Andrea Bertassi, Dace Gurecka, Iris Schouwenburg, Anna Vokali with Amar Baghdadi and Mimar Group (Local Architect). Renders by Tegmark (Gheorghe Bratu, Tudor Vlasceanu, Sebastian Lupea)