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1998 2015


Status: Concept Design
Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Local Roots with Global Reach - With unparalleled worldwide urbanization, we propose an "IDEAS" driven development plan that positions Hong Kong as a pioneer in quality contemporary living, producing and consuming. This entails a unique development scheme that generates strong connections to both the local and global.

In seeking this quality, our proposal utilizes and builds on existing human and material resources, blending natural and metropolitan experiences that meet innovative ideas with opportunities in response to modern issues in areas such as water, energy, food, waste, and education.


The Floating Bridge hanging by air balloons

With these aims, we have staged a platform to facilitate the merging of creative industries and business. By this, we extend Hong Kong's bridging of scientific research and business through their science park by establishing a new link between creativity and entrepreneurship that invites both local and global ingenuity to co-create new avenues of creative business. With this vision, our Masterplan is designed to see beyond the project site alone, enabling Hong Kong to showcase future-oriented actions, setting the pace for Asian cities and the world at large.


Urbanity and Nature, traditional relationship


Urbanity and Nature, proposed relationship

The Masterplan - In pioneering contemporary urbanization, our Masterplan envisions a fully functioning urban habitat that refreshingly breathes interaction between built form and natural resources as a distinct, recognizable and hospitable hotspot. In that, the Masterplan devised eight superimposed layers chosen from the competition brief, site conditions and team ideas and to which we integrate components of landscape, infrastructure, energy, food, knowledge, entertainment, production, culture and living.

Sustainable Development

Business and Creativity merge to generate a sustainable society

For instance, we emphasize proposals for new water connections such as movable docks, pedestrian piers, operable bridges, urban fishing and ecological water use and management; retail centers, temporary accommodations and high-grade multi-disciplinary office spaces; and sustainable transport aspects such as light rail, water-side pedestrian walkways and bike share programs. A key aspect of the development plan is to exercise participatory practices, to proactively carry out community engagement sessions, urban development projects, and to increase dialogue with users of the space. Through this approach, ensuring local and global use of the area is a promising and fruitful endeavor that emphasizes transparency and accountability.


Matrix of the interacting programs

Innovating Participatory Sustainable Re-Development - While we emphasize these core values, unique to our team is an opportunity to implement a cutting-edge, sustainable system redefining industrial development in the 21st century that further suits the context of Kai Tak Fantasy's industrial redevelopment area of Kowloon East. This system will only be incorporated on site in a small, designated area; however, it holds great potential for growth. Called QBRICK, this system re-purposes construction waste and debris, turning it into high-quality building 'bricks'. QBRICK's philosophy extends beyond mere building capacity to locally sourced, participatory design principles raising community cohesion and resilience through the integration of citizen and institutional actors.

Views of Kai Tak

The new Kai Tak

The process engages on the local level by engaging the local population, using local construction waste and debris and partnering with local contractors, while displaying Hong Kong's capacity for innovation and collaboration by implanting a novel technology advancing the sustainable future of urbanism. Further, this unique, participatory approach using locally sourced waste and debris creates a unique process that can be displayed, giving meaning to locals and attracting global interest.


Various types of interaction

In line with "IDEAS" thinking, the QBRICK's philosophy mirrors our Masterplan's design intention of turning the project site from an industrial zone into a leading business, tourism, and entertainment hub that catalyzes and realizes innovation and aspiration, while advancing avant-garde sustainability.



Hong Kong: where IDEAS take off - Focused on rebuilding the area into a local and global hub of thriving creativity and business bolstering contemporary living, our Masterplan combines the design, innovation and competence to launch in Hong Kong and spread influence worldwide. Once a runway strip, today where "IDEAS" take off'.



Credits: Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Andrea Bertassi, Siebe Voogt, Mihir Desai, Lekha Samant with Cities Magazine (Francesca Miazzo, Mehdi Comeau) and Olivier Grossetête (featured artist)