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Status: Competition
Type: Mix Use (Commercial, Office)
Size: 81.400m2
Location: Shenzhen (People Republic of China)
Year: 2011

The new Alibaba headquarter in Shenzhen is the authentic translation of the Company's canny philosophy: strong, fast growing, successful corporation built up by individual intelligences and dreams. All these energies together are put into the atmosphere to 'make the business fly'. As every single pixel is necessary to make an image, in Alibaba every single business is important to the success of all the others.

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Night View from the Bay

Alibaba's most remarkable strategy is to have generated an integrated platform where small companies could build and manage their online business, easily.

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Bird-Eye View

Our design proposes to translate the integrated platform physically by designing the top of the plinth as a hub bringing together a multidisciplinary community which, through an active exchange, allows for ' ideas to fly'!

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View of Office interiors and Floating gardens

Elevation-03 Elevation-05

East and West Elevations

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Cross Section

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Long Section

The 'Business Cloud' is the effect of an assembly of the perfect singular working unity (4,2m x 4,2m) that, once stacked together one above the next, gives birth to a multitude of clusters operating together as a whole, unique building.

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North side

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The road connecting North Park with the Bay, going through the building

We anticipate that the top of the plinth becomes the mega hub, the fusion of people from divergent background which, together with the climbing nature, the light and the shadow, create a metropolitan oasis overlooking the Inner Bay Park, the water, Shenzen CBD and Hong Kong.

Andrea Bertassi, Cristina C. Murphy, Gabriele Pitacco, Miguel Nicque with Roel Wolters and Linjuan Zhang (Vista Landscapers, Amsterdam) and United Design Group Shanghai (Local Architect).

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