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VIDI VICI STORE, Interior Design / Collection Layout

Status: Built
Type: Commercial
Client: Vidi Vici
Size: 35m²
Location: Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Year: 2010

The small shop is a single space of about 35m2 that develops within a length of 10 meters along the main entrance on Boterslot and down till the public courtyard by the back facade. In the basement, Marja Maliaars hosts her laboratory and storage.

Back lit resin counter

XCOOP's project for the interior was generated through a close collaboration with the client, and reflects the concrete creative approach and the critical spirit of the whole collection. The design aims to apply small variations along the traversal section of the shop giving to the counter and the two long walls the duty of re-organizing the space.

Counter assembly

While one of the two walls is exhibiting the long garments, the opposite wall accommodates eight springs hanged from the high ceiling. These springs, while bouncing, display the hats' selection of the shop. XCOOP was able to contain the huge collection of unique pieces at an incredibly low budget.

View from the mezzanine

The counter is made out of polyurethane resin and birch wood. It occupies the whole central length of the space, extending itself even further outside the boundaries of the shop through two loose hangers placed by the store's front facades when the business is open. The 500 kilos piece was built by XCOOP at Werkplaats Vincent de Rijk in Rotterdam. Along its length, the counter modifies its shape responding to the objects displayed.

Model 1:50

Counter and springs

The shelf space is a labyrinthine sequence of wooden elements placed at different heights. At each modulus of the counter, the shelves hosts bags and accessory, small niches displaying shirts and jackets.

One of the two long walls is fully occupied by a metal grid offering a frontal view to the long collection. Along the route connecting the two entrances, the eight springs introduce the hat assortment to the shopper. Without removing the items from the spring, the customers can easily place the hats on their heads and look at themselves in the mirror.

This video shows the transformation of the shop and the preparation of main display features.

View towards the inner courtyard

Contruction of the resin counter at Werkplaats Vincent De Rijk

Credits: Andrea Bertassi, Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Maya Brudieux, Wouter Portegijs, Vincent de Rijk, Mattia Ferrari, Frans Parthesius (photography)

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