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Cristina Murphy to speak at Future of Urban Space Conference, in Teheran

Public space has a fundamental role to play on the continuation of cities’ historical identity: public space is loaded with responsibility in improving each citizen’s quality of life and linking the past to the future. This conference focuses on the necessity of revisiting the concept of and experiences related to public space.

Cristina will speak at “The Spatial Impact of Migration” symposium, on September 26th. Here is the full program of the Conference.

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Installation at Global Park(ing) Day 2018 in Baltimore

Within the framework of “Positive, Experimental and Participatory Urban Transformation,” this installation offers spatial moments aiming to spark personal, renewed perspectives of Pigtown.

The installation was designed and built by a team of students of Morgan State under the guidance of professors Cristina Murphy and Sarah Trautvetter, in partnership with Andrew Chaveas and Michael Westrate (Ziger Snead Architects) and Tyler Miller (Gensler).

More information HERE.

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The NASA Studio at UofA presenting the Mars Analog project

Andrea's design studio for graduating students at the University of Arizona is coming to an end. Students focused on the redesign of a three stories pressure chamber to develop NASA's first Mars Analog at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

The project, developed in close collaboration with the architectural design department of NASA, developed two alternative strategies for the structure. The studio engaged into sociological studies on how humans can survive for 90 days, completely isolated from the rest of the world, and sharing a very tight space with three other astronauts, and on how to make the Analog independent from any external source of energy and food.

For more information, visit the website of NASA.

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Fundraise started for the SBF School in Buaw, South Sudan

Shaping Bright Futures Inc. (SBF) has launched an international fundraising campaign to finance the construction of the SBF School in Bauw, South Sudan. XCOOP designed the school complex as a self sustaining institution which will not only educate the children, but will support students and staff with organic food, produced in the gardens on the property. See the Newsletter, visit SBF's website and hit the Donate button.

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XCOOP pitching the Globe-Miami project at SXSW Eco

Cristina and Andrea present the Globe-Miami project at Place by Design Revitalization section at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas. As part of XCOOP research on rural America, this project has been selected one of six finalists. A video of the presentation will be made available soon.

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The Talking Bench installed!

XCOOP's Talking Bench, has been installed at the Place by Design Outdoor Lounge at Brush Square Park in Austin, Texas.Come visit!

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XCOOP installation at PXD Outdoor in Austin, Texas

The Talking Bench, designed by XCOOP on a concept by Eva Neirynck, is an installation that raises awareness on communities' identity by providing a platform for sharing memories of a place.

The Place by Design Outdoor Lounge at Brush Square Park transforms one of Austin's original public spaces into a place of discovery, experimentation and fun. Kick back and enjoy the games and art installations designed to show the potential of this accessible green space in Austin's downtown. Picnic with new friends, enjoy a break from the conference, and contribute your ideas to what this underutilized public space can become.

The PXD Outdoor Lounge is presented by Southwest Airlines and inspired by their Heart of the Community Program, which believes public spaces are connection points and the heart of every local community.

Open Sunday, October 9 to Wednesday, October 12

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UNL College of Architecture and XCOOP at the PARK(ing) Day in Lincoln, NE

PARK(ing) Day is an annual event where citizens, designers and activists collaborate to transform parking stalls into temporary public places.

UNL College of Architecture second year studio, led by Cristina Murphy, has been tasked with designing a PARK(ing) Day installation within a single parking stall in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Each installation generates critical debate about how public space is created, allocated, and too frequently given over to automobiles. PARK(ing) DAY is meant to improve the quality of urban space through minimal interventions for a single day (9am-5pm).

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Designing for Life - Cristina Murphy to lecture at University of Nebraska in Lincoln

Cristina Murphy, Hyde Chair of Excellence 2016, will lecture at the College at Architecture at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, on September 16th, 2016. She will present "Designing for Life - Lives, Places, Institutions", an intense journey around the world, between different cultures, global issues and local solutions, presented through projects and real life experiences.For more info, see article on Nebraska Today.

The lecture will be held at the Richards Hall 15, starting at 4pm.

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XCOOP and University of Arizona working for NASA on a Mars Analog at JSC in Houston, TX

The Habitat Design Center (HDC) is beginning an interdisciplinary project on the campus of Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston, Texas, which involves multiple engineering and science teams. The Human Exploration Spacecraft Test-bet for Integration and Advancement (HESTIA) is a 3 story, 25’ tall, and 20’ diameter testing chamber at JSC and is to become host for a ground analog of a Mars habitat capable of sustaining four astronauts for 90 days. The goal of this project will be to design the internal architectural outfitting of this chamber including all the elements and stations required for human habitation.

From a didactic perspective, the studio aims to develop students' critical thinking, inspiring each one of them to define questions rather than necessarily provide answers. The design process is organized around a variety of scales such as the context, the overall architectural layout, the detailing of specific items and equipments.

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XCOOP is working with graduate students at UNL College of Architecture on an Organic farm in Kenya

The aim of this studio project is to organize an area close by the Destiny Gardens Education Center in Mombasa which will be harvested to produce organic food for the health of the students and provide food security to the community.

The project will tackle the overall planning and include the design of some buildings to house staff, entertain presentation and demonstrations to the community and to provide storage for produce.

The farm will not only produce food for the school but a surplus will be sold for alternative source of income. The facility will also be used as a demonstration center to train neighboring peasant farmers, institutions and visitors on integrated organic farming practices.

The project must be self sustainable, environmentally friendly, organic, create jobs and opportunities within the community.

At present the students are conducting the following researches: – Site Analysis; – Socio-Economical and Political Analysis; – Study of precedents: traditional and current architectural style for private and institutional use; – Sustainable practices: from construction material to energy harvesting and services (latrines,…), what is available and how to implement it in the project; – Organic Farming: understand and present relevant examples that can be applied in this project.”

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XCOOP and Taliesin and Partecipatory Design in Miami and Globe, Arizona

XCOOP is pleased to present a clip made in collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin during the Spring Semester of 2016. This short-video was first broadcasted at the Studio Exhibition which just closed in Miami, Arizona. Architects and students explain their observation and understanding of the mining town of Globe and Miami.

How do we organize and design the countryside and the small villages within a supportive network that works with nature? If to some degree, depopulation of rural areas is an issue, how can designers retain people within a sub-urban system and still be able to instigate an economic, cultural, and social process that presently is exclusively offered by the cities?

We recognize that in order to reinforce the distinctive local qualities of the countryside, it is necessary to reinvent a rural model for the 21st century, rather than simply remodel the methods and manners of the past or copy systems applied in the design of the urban environment. If we are able to re-think the countryside and view it as a counterbalance to the urban condition, we will be able to create an opportunity for society to be balanced with its surrounding nature.

This project addresses the shift of patterns in the mining towns of Globe and Miami, Arizona, facilitating an attitude swap from the passive acceptance of an apparently unavoidable decay to the communal effort to create a brighter future.

The greater aim is to test sustainable practices and apply them to a number of rural areas across the country.

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Andrea Bertassi to teach at University of Arizona

XCOOP founder and partner Andrea Bertassi has been commissioned to teach second and fifth Architectural Design Studios at the College of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture of the University of Arizona in Tucson, starting in the Fall Semester of 2016.

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Cristina Murphy appointed Hyde Chair of Excellence at University of Nebraska in Lincoln

XCOOP founder and partner Cristina Murphy has been awarded the prestigious Hyde Chair of Excellence at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.

Established in 1986, the Hyde Chair of Excellence allows the College of Architecture to attract visiting faculty of national and international distinction. The Hyde Chair of Excellence position is available to designers, architects, and educators from a variety of backgrounds with outstanding and unique credentials. The visiting Hyde Chair attracts emerging voices in design from both practice and teaching. Through this endowment, renowned scholars and practitioners are invited to spend a semester or more in residence at the College directing a design studio, conducting a graduate level seminar, and presenting a public lecture. Previous Chairs include architects such as Peter Cook and Wolff Prix.

The topics that Cristina will bring into the studio environment are strongly related to her background and current work with XCOOP. How do we organize and design the countryside and the small villages within a supportive network? Can design be the tool for reviving communities, proposing new perspectives on an otherwise unavoidable perception of decay?

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Project for a new School in South Sudan

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Shaping Bright Futures, Inc. for the construction of a new school in Buaw, South Sudan.

Shaping Bright Futures, Inc. is a San Diego based non-profit with a dream to build a better future for the children of Southern Sudan. The organization's aim is to build compassionate partnerships between families whose needs are consistently met and children in countries affected by conflict and widespread poverty.

XCOOP is in charge of designing the new, self-sustainable and durable complex through an innovative process of participated design and construction. More news, soon. Stay tuned!

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OFF60, Exhibition opening in Miami, Arizona

The communities of Miami and Globe re-iterated their great interest in the collaboration with Taliesin on Sunday, May 1st, at the opening of the second leg of the exhibition “OFF60 – work in progress”.

The work produced by the Intermediate Studio 2, led by Faculty Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi, consists of a consolidation of the research, conclusions, a critical glossary of the project and a road map for future investigations. The work is displayed on a 25 meters long wall in the Inspiration Room of the Bullion Plaza Museum in Miami, Arizona. The analysis and design proposal for the Miami Memorial Library is displayed at the entrance of the museum. Two videos run in a loop explaining the studio philosophy and approach.

The exhibition will be open till August 31st, 2016. Free entrance.

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Final Reviews at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

The Spring Semester is coming to an end at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin West, and final reviews are scheduled for Friday, April 29th, 2016, at 9am in the Pavilion at Taliesin West. The reviewing panel will include reknown professionals such as Eddie Jones, Chris Winters and Maria Pensiero Salenger.

The Intermediate Studio 2, led by XCOOP associates Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi, will present a preview of the exhibition "OFF60, Work in Progress" and the design proposal for the Miami Memorial Library.

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Paint-the-Town Day in Globe and Miami, Arizona

The students and staff of Taliesin teamed up with over 150 community volunteers on April 22nd and 23rd for the 2016 Paint the Town event. They tackled buildings, walls and signage, as well as alleys and curbs, where teams lead by Taliesin Master students scraped, painted and cleaned up debris from one end of Live Oak (Hwy 60) to the other.

The initiative is part of the first studio project on participated design, launched by Faculty Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi. This event kicks off a four-year long collaboration between the communities of Globe and Miami and the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

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Exhibition opening in Globe, Arizona

The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture at Taliesin opens doors of its ongoing studio work on Miami and Globe.

The region of Miami and Globe is experienced by thousands of people only through the windows of their vehicles, at highway speed, from US60. Most of them do not even suspect the immense beauty of these historic settlements, their fine architecture and long time traditions.

OFF 60 is an open exhibition where the School shares its first findings on the area and collect inputs from its residents to deepen its knowledge and understanding. Opening: Saturday March 19th, 2016, 6pm at the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, 101 N Broad St, Globe, AZ 85501

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FLLW School of Architecture and XCOOP: studio project in Miami and Globe, Arizona

This is a project of participated awareness consisting on small interventions and community participation that, however, will provide a huge and positive impact on the community and its environment.

Two weeks into the project, the students have been assigned to the following research tasks: understand the area through the making of a physical model; understand the build substance through a facade study; understand the community by interviewing, meeting and interacting. This week, the studio will spend two days in Globe working on reinforcing the above concepts and to survey three buildings which will be used in February as students approach their designs.

Taliesin Intermediate Studio first site visits have been already detected and published on local newspapers.

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Taliesin students raise funds to save the Desert Shelter Program

The students of Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, are raising funds to help cover the costs of our Desert Shelter Program. This program is not only the signature project of Taliesin, and has been since 1937, but with your help it will become the thesis project for all twenty-three Taliesin masters students.

By the completion of our three-year master’s degree, students design, develop, and build a shelter, set deep in the Sonoran Desert. As a means of learning the fundamentals of construction in a collaborative environment, first year students will aid in the construction of third year student’s designs. Third year students will spend their final year of school inhabiting and learning from their realized designs.

Students will embark on a thorough design process, ultimately submitting their designs to an architectural review board for construction approval. Shelters will stress building in harmony with the landscape, rustic materiality, and appropriate geometry.

With your help, beginning in January of 2016, the School can preserve this unique and defining project by re-launching our Desert Shelter program as a thesis opportunity for aspiring architects working with licensed architectural mentors!

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti: design development package delivered

The design development package for both the masterplan and the housing units have been approved by the client. Follow up meetings and workshops with the future users and all parties will take place at the end of November and in December. The construction of the first phase of the project will start early 2016.

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XCOOP to design the ConsumentenBond headquarters

XCOOP is the winning team to design the headquarters for the ConsumentenBond, the Dutch Consumers' Association, in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

"We particularly appreciate - says Mr. Koos van Brecht, director of the Marketing Department at De ConsumentenBond - the flexibility of the proposal, the analytical approach to the project, and the empathy with our goals as a company".

The Company, located in a late 1990's two-blocks complein Enthovenplein 1, downtown Den Haag, is planning to radically reorganize its offices..

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XCOOP moves to Westzeedijk 399

As of May 1st, 2015, the new office of XCOOP will open in Westzeedijk 399, 3024 EK Rotterdam. The new space, organized by W|Est is the new hub for the Creative Industry in town.

The old office in Stadhuisplein is being decomissioned and will close its door at the end of May. All other contacts of XCOOP remain the same.

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Lecture at Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi lectures on XCOOP work at Living Room Lecture series, at Taliesin West, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Living Room Lectures is an independently organized series featured in the unique setting of the living room of Frank Lloyd Wright's residence

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Villa N Tops Out

MH17 Memorial Winners announced

The Winners of the MH17 Memorial international design competition have been announced. Cristina Murphy was among the jorors to evaluate proposals for a new island for the MH17 Memorial in the Amsterdam “Internal Sea” - IJmeer, situated between the Java-eiland and Amsterdam-Noord, the rapidly developing part of the city.

William Smith and Hiroshi Kaneko (USA) were awarded the 1st prize, Meaghan Hunter, Kristen Struthers, Danielle Loeb (Canada) the 2nd, Fabian Tolosa, Ariel Perea, Ignacio Pereyra (UK and Argentina) the 3rd. Additionally, a number of honorable mentions were assigned.

The MH17 Memorial is an international open ideas competition for architects and students aiming to remember and honor the victims of the MH17 tragedy. This man-made tragedy has influenced thousands of lives in direct or indirect manner across the entire world. Most of all this tragedy has affected the Netherlands - the Dutch nation that lost 193 souls in this catastrophe. Therefore Amsterdam, the departure point of this one way flight, was selected as a location for the MH17 Memorial.

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Villa N Tops Out

Sustainability Seminar Urban Guerrilla

Today, a Team of master students of the Sustainability Seminar at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, initiate an action of participatory "urban guerrilla" in Globe, Miami and Superior, Arizona. The aim of the initiative on site is to interact with the inhabitants, hear their opinions and support their will for improvement of their built environment.

The theme chosen for this year seminar is "Designing the Countryside", spinning off from a research proposal that Andrea Bertassi and Cristina Murphy started at OMA, back in 2007.

In order to reinforce the distinctive local qualities of the countryside, it is necessary to reinvent a rural model for the 21st century rather than simply remodeling or recreating methods and manners of the past. Re-thinking the countryside as a counterbalance to the urban condition opens the opportunity to society to be in harmony with nature.

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Final Review at Taliesin

The Generational Architecture Design Studio, ran by XCOOP associates Cristina C. Murphy and Andrea Bertassi at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright of Architecture, will present final projects on Thursday December 4th, starting at 9am, at the Atrium.

How do we imagine the home of tomorrow? This is one of the most difficult questions that designers need to answer in a time when more than half of the world’s population lives in urban, and often informal, settlements. Considering today’s scarcity of natural resource, the need for a truly inclusive social and collective environment is a necessity, not just an option. Populations cannot afford to be individualistic entities and are urged to embrace the forces deriving from sustainable collaboration.

The future will witness a strong engagement among people and will stimulate citizens to take part in the transformation of their spaces, and become decision makers and active participants within the urban sphere.

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XCOOP at Expo Asia 2014

From tomorrow on, XCOOP is present at the Eco Expo Asia in Hong Kong, to illustrate the pilot project for the EKEO site in Kowloon East, that is based on the up-cycling of construction waste.

The animation Waste no More, produced by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and featuring XCOOP work on the up-cycling of construction waste within the PIB program, will be presented at the fair.

Organised by the HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd., Eco Expo Asia takes place at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE). The fair is an international trading platform showcasing the latest innovations in environmental protection industries from around the world. It is also a premier venue for environmental professionals from commercial, governmental and non-governmental spheres.

Areas of specialty covered at the fair include Air & Water Quality, Eco-friendly Product - See HERE for more info.

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XCOOP and DMF in Haiti

From 22nd till the 28th of October, XCOOP and De Mobiele Fabriek will meet in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Following up the recent commission for the design of a Masterplan and 30 housing units, XCOOP will run a design workshop together with the future users. XCOOP is profoundly committed to participated design and supports final users to improve their lives' conditions.

Our Client, Mr. Joel Dresse, Belgian Consul in Port-au-Prince, will welcome the team and illustrate the main objectives and ambitions of the project.

Two students of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture will join us and will take an active part in the workshop.

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Villa N Tops Out

XCOOP juror for the MH17 Memorial design competition

The MH17 Memorial is an international open ideas competition for architects and students aiming to remember and honor the victims of the MH17 tragedy. This man-made tragedy has influenced thousands of lives in direct or indirect manner across the entire world. Most of all this tragedy has affected the Netherlands - the Dutch nation that lost 193 souls in this catastrophe. Therefore Amsterdam, the departure point of this one way flight, was selected as a location for the MH17 Memorial.

Cristina Murphy will be part of the jury for the design competition together with Julia King (UK), Tom Verebes (HK), Erik Schuldenfrei (US), Wim de Wagt (NL) and Daria Polozkova (NL/RU).

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XCOOP featured on ArchitectuurNL Magazine

Dutch journalist and writer Jeroen Junte published in ArchitectuurNL an article about XCOOP approach to global design through a few selected a few selected projects. See HERE sneak preview.

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Villa N Tops Out

Villa N tops out

Good news from our construction site of Villa N in Pula, Sardinia: the supports for the main inclined roof have been put in place and the structure is reaching now its highest point.

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XCOOP at EcoAsia 2014

For the second consecutive year, XCOOP has been invited to participate at the Eco Expo Asia in Hong Kong, between October 29th and November 1st, 2014. XCOOP, will unveil the pilot project for the EKEO site in Kowloon East, due to be realized this winter, based on the up-cycling of construction waste.

Organised by the HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd., Eco Expo Asia takes place at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), the fair is an international trading platform showcases the latest innovations in environmental protection industries from around the world. It is also a premier venue for environmental professionals from commercial, governmental and non-governmental spheres to meet and make quality business contacts. Areas of specialty covered at the fair include Air & Water Quality, Eco-friendly Product - See HERE for more info.

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Ask Keinwunder wins the 1st Prize at Sestriere

"Ask Keinwunder" was awarded the 1st Prize at the Sestriere Film Festival. Congratulations to Carlo Cenini, Enrico Tavernini, and to the whole Team! See HERE for more info on the movie and on our project, and scroll DOWN to watch the movie trailer.

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Fellowship at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture

Since its inception, XCOOP has been eager to promote a free lifestyle, pushing our profession beyond the strict logic of a conventional office.

This is why a few years ago we launched the "nomadic architecture experiment": the aim is to live and work in completely different environments, absorb flavors of a variety of cultures, engage in continuous learning and convey these into our designs and initiatives. We like to think of ourselves as gipsy-architects, dreaming of a better world and building a better environment.

After Central America and India, the nomadic experiment of XCOOP is bringing us West: we won a fellowship at Taliesin - FLW School of Architecture to teach and to learn through making. Stay tuned for news!

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Typhoon Class Submarine competition Jury

XCOOP is honoured to be part of the Jury for the Typhoon Class Submarine competition organized by Matterbetter.

For more info and order, please click HERE.

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Sustainable practices in Guangdong, China

XCOOP is part of "China Guangdong - The Netherlands: Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Conference".

Hosted by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province and the Department of Economic Affairs of Utrecht Province, the conference is organized by the Guangdong Environmental Protection Association, the Guangdong Board of Investment Promotion and Invest Utrecht.

As partner of the PIB program in Hong Kong, XCOOP has been invited to discuss the pilot project for up-cycling construction waste into new raw material in the Pearl River Delta region.

The conference will be held on the 10th of July, 2014, at 11.30am at the Provinciehuis Utrecht, Archimedeslaan 6, 3584BA Utrecht.

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Book Launch

The Two Lives of Otto is an informative combination of elements: architecture, sustainability, material reuse, (book) design, storytelling and it crosses the boundaries between entertainment for kids and the responsibility of educating them on a better and more sustainable approach to their future.

This book will launch a non-profit research on up-cycling material in construction! Funds raised will be donated to the research of up-cycling material in construction.

We are grateful for the amazing illustrations made by Eva Neirynck.

For more info and order, please click HERE.

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Up-Cycling project presented in Hong Kong

In the framework of the Partners in International Business program, organized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and supported by the Dutch Consulate in Hong Kong, XCOOP presents the concept for a pilot project to be launched at the Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO) in Hong Kong.

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Ask Keinwunder wins the People's Choice Award

The movie Ask Keinwunder, written by Carlo Cenini and Enrico Tavernini, has won the People's Choice Award at the Mountain Film Festival of Trento, Italy. For more information on the project, please click HERE.

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SoftRock.eu and SoftRock.nl launched!

Following the great interest and after collecting suggestions from our clients, we are now proud to launch the new website for the SoftRock project.

The completely redesigned website has been created by Sebastian Börjeson and Rouzbeh Pakzad from DayOneMedia, a brilliant and dynamic startup in the field of media communications, with which we had the pleasure of working.

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Exhibition at Studio X Mumbai

A Mumbaikar average age to get married is 23. A Mumbaikar average age to get a first child is 28. A Mumbaikar average age to secure a home loan is 43.

Due to its sky rocketing land prices, housing developments in South Mumbai are exclusively dedicated to high-end clientele, driving out the middle classes to the fringes and missing the opportunity to develop the metropolis into a truly international city.

Providing the middle class with a viable housing alternative is at the heart of a collaboration between Dutch design firm XCOOP and Mumbai based Access Architects. The two studios have joined together to develop new concepts for high‐rise buildings to bring the middle classes back to the heart of the Indian metropolis.

Historically, affordable housing in India has relied on governmental subsidies to fund itself: In a city like Mumbai this is not feasible. Today, the designers' concept delivers an apartment that is profitable, valuable and viable for developers to build without special governmental support, in Mumbai.

The concept began with the user: through extensive survey, the design team observed the structure of the typical urban Middle Class Indian family, studying the way spaces are being used and organized throughout the day. The team found that the current one, two and three BHK (Bedrooms, Hall and Kitchen) apartment available in the market does not correspond with the lifestyle, daily pattern and evolution of today's family.

The team's design focuses on spaces that work around the traditional uses but are updated and organised to meet modern needs. The result is a smaller unit that uses spaces more efficiently. This unit is affordable downtown Mumbai and provides an option to the Middle Class Mumbaikar to move Southward.

The idea is to give an opportunity to the user to reduce commuting time and support lowering stress on the environment, increase quality time with the family and enjoy the community, pay less on maintenance and on property taxes.

XCOOP and Access Architects will present this concept in the form of an exhibition with the title DESIGN MAKES HOMES IN DOWNTOWN MUMBAI AFFORDABLE! - Unaffordable cities, affordable housing: home affordability is the urban issue of our days, and it constitutes the way in which our cities grow and prosper. The exhibition will open later this year at Studio X in Mumbai.

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'Ask Keinwunder' trailer released

Tonight at 9.15pm "Chiedilo a Keinwunder" (Ask Keinwunder") will première at Cinema Modena in Trento.

For this short movie by Carlo Cenini and Enrico Tavernini, XCOOP collaborated on the script and designed the "impossible mountain".

The movie narrates the mysterious life of Hermann Keinwunder, a great climber from the Fifties, taking you on a trip through the enigma of a man trapped between materialistic achievements and spiritual ambitions.

For more information on the event, please click HERE

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Villa N reaches first floor

After a rigid and wet winter, so unusual for the island, the construction of Villa N in Pula, Italy has restarted at full speed.

Recently, local craftmen have celebrated the completion of the basement, poured the ground level package and are now busy with the structure to support the first floor.

xcoop® PR, March 14th, 2014





QBRICK project exhibited at 2014 MIECF in Macao

Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF) is a premier event initiated by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR), with a strategic aim to nurture environmental business, technology and information exchange between the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region in Southern China and the international markets.

XCOOP's QBRICK project will be exhibited at the Dutch Pavilion, by The Venetian Macao Resort, Expo Hall A, from March 27th to 29th, 2014.

For more information on the event, please click HERE.

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XCOOP to design new housing in Mumbai

XCOOP and Mumbai based Access Architects have signed an agreement to design new housing highrise for the middle class group, in the heart of the Indian metropolis.

Despite its transformation into a global cultural and economic hub, downtown Mumbai fails in housing the protagonists of its own fortune, the house. Due to its sky rocketing land prices, the housing development in South Mumbai is exclusively dedicated to high-end clientele, missing out a huge opportunity to upgrade the metropolis to the World City of India. Home affordability for the Middle Class is the urban issue of our days, and it constitutes the way in which our cites' grow and prosper.

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Intercultural Learning Conference

XCOOP will be part of the workshop of the Intercultural Learning Conference, organized by U-Lab Technische Universität Berlin, LABA École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, University of Calabria, Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies.

The questions we will ask in the Mumbai cluster meeting are: What constitutes intercultural learning? Are there power imbalances that skew this process? What learnings do subcultures offer to the broader discourse of cities? What, then are the methods of equal exchange and en gagements?

The workshop held at KRVIA explores the problems and possibilities of intercultural learning in urban theory and practice. Click HERE for more information.

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XCOOP lectures on Design Process

In the framework of Tuesday Encounters at KRVIA, Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi will talk about "Design Process". The lecture will be held at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute at University of Mumbai, India, on February 11th, 2014. Free admission.

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Workshop and lecture at Academy of Architecture

Together with Jarrik Ouburg and Abhijit Mandrekar, Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi are leading the one week long intensive housing design workshop at the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai, India, from January 13th to 18th, 2014.

Furthermore, Cristina and Andrea will lecture on XCOOP projects in Europe, Asia and Central America in a public lecture, which will be held in the College Auditorium on Wednesday, January 14th, at 3pm. Free admission.

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QBRICK published on CITIES Magazine

QBRICK is researching and implementing strategies to make construction waste accessible to communities, further empowering citizens to innovatively up-cycle, re-purpose, re-build, and transform urban and human development.

XCOOP, in partnership with De Mobiele Fabriek, launched the QBRICK initiaitive in Hong Kong in collaboration with CITIES Magazine, the Community Project Workshop of the University of Hong Kong, the Dutch Consulate in Hong Kong, and with the support of the Dutch Creative Industries Fund and the PIB program of the Ministry of Economics of The Netherlands.

Read the full article HERE.

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XCOOP at University of Mumbai, India

XCOOP partners Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi will support the Urban Design Master Studio at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute at University of Mumbai, India, for the winter semester.

Among others, Master Theses will investigate the impact of the new Mihan international cargo hub in Nagpur, the preservation of urban historical typologies in the wreckless growth of Nashik, and public spaces and commons in Indian cities.

xcoop® PR, November 25th, 2013




Hefei University design at MAXXI, in Rome

In 2012, XCOOP was invited to elaborate a scheme for the new International Exchange Center of the University of Hefei, China. Together with local archtiect UDG Shanghai, XCOOP designed the 50.000 square meters mix use development, featuring hotel, conference center, restaurants, bars, food court, spa and gym, ballrooms.

XCOOP design has been selected for the exhibition "Erasmus Effect. Italian Architects Abroad" at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.

The exhibition Erasmus Effect investigates the progressive acceleration of "migrant" Italian architecture in recent decades, through the work of established international companies and young studios.

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New clip released on upcycling debris

Together with its partners Pool Worldwide and De Mobiele Fabriek, XCOOP designed this explanimation on up-cycling of debris into a new, reliable, safe constuction material.Fast growing cities, produce a considerable amount of construction waste, which in recent years has become an urgent issue.

By means of low technology and low environmental impact, we launch a highly participated initiative that is beneficiary to multiple parties: the city gains a better image, the privates reduce costs, and the community acquires a stronger identity and a higher employment rate.

Knowledge and technology can be deployed on an industrial scale to transform the rubble into simple structures. Rubble is an economic opportunity, and is 98% recyclable into a semi-processed, high quality product that can be reused bringing a positive relief on the ecosystem, improving urban reconstruction, providing unique building systems, stimulating new jobs' opportunities, and collaborating with the existing market forces.

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XCOOP awarded by the Creative Industries Internationalization Programme 2013-2016

XCOOP project Universal System - Local Design has been granted a budget to start-up the project in Hong Kong, with Cities Amsterdam and the Community Project Workshop at the Hong Kong University.

More on the project is coming up, soon.

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XCOOP invited at the Partners for International Business in Hong Kong

XCOOP has been invited by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to join the Partners in Business Programme. The Task Force will tackle the issue of waste management in Hong Kong. XCOOP -together with its partner De Mobiele Fabriek- will research on lowering the impact of construction waste by turning it into a new, valuable raw material.

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Two projects shortlisted at the Aid-Expo 2013 Innovation Challenge

AidEx brings together the many crucial organisations working in aid delivery, in order to discuss obstacles and together plan better strategies and implement ideas.

The theme of this year's conference is sustainably and resilience. It will be a mix of policy and more practical sessions with presentations from leaders in the aid community.

XCOOP entered the Innovation Challenge 2013 with two projects: "Give Debris a Second Life" with De Mobiele Fabriek and "Urban Toolbox" with A-01. Both have been shortlisted. More information on the final round and projects development will follow in November, 2013.

For more information on the Aid-Expo 2013 Innovation Challenge, see HERE.

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XCOOP displays at Eco Asia Expo in Hong Kong

Organised by the HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd., Eco Expo Asia takes place at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE). The fair is an international trading platform showcasing the latest innovations in environmental protection industries from around the world. Areas of specialty covered at the fair include Air & Water Quality, Eco-friendly Product, Energy Efficiency & Energy, Green Building as well as Waste Management and Recycling.

XCOOP has been invited by the Dutch Consulate in Hong Kong to display its work on participated processes to upgrade communities through upcycling of waste.

Hong Kong, like many other fast growing and compact urban cities, produces a considerable amount of construction waste, which in recent years has become an urgent issue. Since the construction business is not supposed to slow down at any time soon and landfills are due to reach full capacity in short time, the preoccupation should be to address the forthcoming pollution as it is realistic to believe that construction waste will be dismissed into nature.

Join us in HK between the 28th ad the 31st of October, 2013. For more information on the fair, see HERE.

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SOFTROCK displayed at the Energy 2013 in the Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch

Brabanthallen 's-Hertogenbosch hosts Energy 2013, the only national trade fair focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. XCOOP project for sustainable, customizable, low cost villas will be presented at the stand of Energy2020.

Saving energy is necessary, worldwide. At Energy 2013 you can get advise, compare conditions, and discover new sustainable solutions in order to establish a reliable, low-cost energy, and an optimum fuel consumption saving. The display varies from green buildings to biomass and wind power to decentralized energy.

The most important themes presented are efficient industrial production processes; optimize energy use in the built environment such as climate, solar energy, mobility and passive building; new applications, flexible solutions and techniques.

The exhibition will be open between the 24th ad the 26th of September, 2013. For more information on SoftRock, see the project and download the free brochure. Information on the expo can be found HERE.

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XCOOP breaks ground on Villa N in Pula, Sardinia

Construction has begun for Villa N, in Pula (Sardinia, Italy). At only hundreds meters away from the beautiful beaches and archeological sites of Nora, the private villa is being built in the ancient S'Olivariu de Su Baroni, a former cultivation of centenary olive trees, recently converted in a villas' park.

XCOOP's design features innovative solutions in terms of energy efficiency: a system of natural ventilation, exchanging heat with the ground, will dramatically lower the necessity of mechanical cooling. Solar energy will be harvested to produce all the electricity needed in the house and to store heat. An innovative heat exchanger system will recover up to 90% of the daily energy consumption.

Completion is scheduled for mid-Summer, 2014.

xcoop® PR, August 28th, 2013




Build your Dream in Sardinia, Italy

This is the story of a multidisciplinary Team with a Dream! Located closer to Africa than to Italy, Sardinia's turquoise sea and white sandy beaches rival the tropics. Sardinian's charm has not been spoiled by mass-tourism developments, and real estate is affordable!

XCOOP thinks with you and translate opportunities, redefine your goals, help you to determine realistic timelines and to address budgetary concerns. XCOOP background knowledge and vast resources combined with the local expertise, will estimate qualities and feasibility of your property and suggest options both on an aesthetic as well as on a functional point of view maintaining the budget focal.

Upgrading a community in-line with the culture of sustainability, low-impact to the environment and local traditions is possible and we invite you to explore how.

A display of this case will soon take place in Rotterdam at a location tbc. See the VIDEO and the on-line BOOKLET for more information.

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XCOOP at Re:Actie workshop

How can cities organize their empty spaces and maximize their use through little investment, minimal impact and people's participation? XCOOP will contribute to the Re:Actie workshop, to debate and generate ideas on how to transform the dismissed elevated railway in Rotterdam Noord.

In 2012, XCOOP and Region-Lab designed a temporary development for the Hofbogen, in Rotterdam. The research investigated to what extent the Urban Void can be made accessible and profitable in anticipation of a future permanent development.

The workshop will take place at 5pm on July 4th, 2013 at the Mini-Mall, Raampoortstraat 30, 3032 AH Rotterdam. See Post--Office and Mini-Mall for more information.

xcoop® PR, July 4th, 2013




XCOOP at the 24h Architecture Marathon

The 2013 edition of the Day of Architecture launches a 24-hour architecture marathon in Hilversum. The theme of the initiative is "Buildings and squares always alive".

XCOOP team will focus its efforts on the square of the Central Station: this should become the main gate to the city of Hilversum, a place where people come together at any time of the day and night, a pulsing hearth of activities and initiatives. Architects as Willem Dudok and Frits van Dongen have worked on plans for the same areas, rising the discussion on the opportunity of introducing high-rise.

The event will be held at the Municipality of Hilversum, on June 22nd and 23rd, 2013 and it will be recorded. Click HERE for more information.

xcoop® PR, June 21st, 2013




Constructing for Uncertainty at the Bartlett School of Architecture

XCOOP is part of the Smartgeometry 2013 talkshop "Constructing for an evolving ecology" at the Bartlett School, in London.

With green strategies overwhelming the context of contemporary design, with information being embedded in urban infrastructures and services, with the economical and political dynamics of contemporary cities changing constantly, the session asks: How do we design for and within the evolving contemporary city and the cities yet to come? How can we cope with relationships within and between global supercities and address the dynamics of our times in a world more densely and instantly connected? Who are the agents that generate change in construction industry and in relation to what kind of opportunities?

Cristina C. Murphy and Andrea Bertassi will discuss all this together with Duncan Wilson (Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Connected Cities), Judit Kimpian (Aedas), and Alan Penn, Dean of the The Bartlett School. Click HERE for more information.

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XCOOP work exhibited in Rome

A selection of XCOOP projects will be shown at the Casa dell'Architettura, in Rome. The traveling exhibition "Partire_Tornare_Restare" focuses on Italian Design in the world, with a selection of firms led by Italian architects based abroad. It was first shown in 2012 in Selinunte, Sicily, Italy.

The exhibition will open on April the 19th, at 4pm, and will remain open to the public till the 2nd of May, 2013. For more information on the work being exhibited, SEE HERE.

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Corporate Business meets Creative Industry

The Talent Day Workshop 2013 brings together 100 talented employees of ING Group from across Europe. The scope is to approach a rapidly transforming market with tools from the creative industry.

XCOOP will facilitate two teams of financial talents on how to innovate and create, on March 28th, 2013, at Regardz in Amsterdam.

xcoop® PR, March 27th, 2013




Workshop with the next generation!

XCOOP meets the next generation at the Europa School in Amsterdam next Tuesday, 26th of February 2013. Designers Eva Neirynck and Cristina C. Murphy will entertain a workshop with third graders on the illustrated book based on XCOOP DAtE project.

The main aim of this initiative is to familiarize younger generations with the theme of materials' up-cycling and on how to extend industrial objects life span.

More information on the book release, soon!

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XCOOP at University of Cagliari

Andrea Bertassi will talk about the experiences of XCOOP in Asia, and Cristina Murphy will lecture on participated design, focusing on the projects of Sant'Elia in Cagliari and El Bosque in Soyapango.

The lectures are part of the ICAR 14 program of the University of Cagliari. Projects on the Sant'Elia neighborhood will be revised and evaluated. Lectures will be held at the Sala Crociere, via Santa Croce 67, Cagliari (Italy), on the 23rd of January, 2013, at noon.

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XCOOP at City Think Lab

Andrea Bertassi is lecturing on "Crisis, Design and Public Space".

City Think Lab is an initiative of the network Inspiring Cities and Pakhuis De Zwijger and in collaboration with Buurtalliantie, City Media Rotterdam, Cultuurfabriek, Deltametrapool, Design in Society/ Excellentieprogramma HvA, Digitale Steden Agenda, Freedom Lab, IMI, Ministerie Buitenlandse Zaken, Netwerk Democratie, Stipo, The Why Factory (TU Delft & MvRdV), Wonderful World, Young Designers + Industry en Studio Zeitgeist.

Andrea will talk about XCOOP projects in Asia and Central America, focusing on the potential of integrated design.

For more information, click HERE

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Cristina Murphy speaking at TEDx Utrecht

Cristina talks about relevancy of Design today. Moving away from our own 'comfort zone' to pursue the deepest concern of every designer: to make the world a better place!

To see the full event click HERE

TEDx Utrecht, November 8th, 2012





XCOOP at TEDx Utrecht

Cristina Murphy is lecturing on "Sustaining lives, a thought on traditional patterns in a globalized world".

Mankind faces many challenges on this planet. Socially, economically and environmentally. Today we are 7 billion. By 2025 we will be 8 billion people. Although these 8 billion represent a problem, mankind’s incredible creativity promises the solution. Since the early times, creativity has helped us through the harshest and most challenging conditions. It will help us now. As a community we wield a thinking and creative power that is unprecedented. In numbers. In quality.

Creativity isn’t always about big gestures. Not everyone can be a Leonardo da Vinci, an Einstein. A Schubert. A Steve Jobs. But everyone living has that special spark. It’s this little spark that makes you leave the beaten track and explore new ideas. These small steps make a small thought become a Big Idea, then a raging bushfire of the collective imagination and finally transforming our world. Forever.

But the big question is: ‘What is holding us back’ to light the spark and get this potential to work? Sometimes for new ideas to be born, old habits or traditions must be swept away. So destruction and creation walk hand-inhand. Disruptive technologies, iconoclastic gestures, courage to dream…TEDxUtrecht will explore this creative potential. Get inspired by the most outspoken creative vigilantes of this time.

In this framework, Cristina Murphy will present XCOOP approach to social housing growing issues in developing countries. Recent work of the office, including the Urban Toolbox research and the master plan project for El Bosque in Soyapango, El Salvador (developed in collaboration with A01 for Cordaid Urban Matters) will be the base for discussing the role of planners in an "informally built" world.

The TEDx Utrecht event will take place on Thursday 8th of October, 2012, from 9am, at Stadschouwburg in Utrecht.

To see Cristina's lecture click HERE

TEDx Utrecht, November 5th, 2012




Lecture at Dutch Design Desk

Cristina Murphy is lecturing on XCOOP activities in China and Hong Kong at the Dutch Design Desks Day, in Eindhoven.

The Dutch Design Fashion Architecture (DutchDFA) programme aims to strengthen the international position of Dutch design, fashion and architecture, by building long-lasting international partnerships, while addressing issues facing today’s world through design. The four-year strategic programme (2009-2012) takes place in a selection of focus countries (India, China, Germany and Turkey).

The event will take place on Thursday the 25th October, 2012, from 9.30am to 1.00pm at Strijp S, Capital D - Torenallee 22-08 5617 BD Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

More information HERE

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Eva Neirynck's Vertel-stel is a success!

On the 7th of July, 2012 Eva graduates from the Willem de Kooning Academy Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, under the mentorship of Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi. Eva's project is an interactive tool instigating social interaction and triggering communities' identity issues. After the first Vertel-stel prototype was tested in Roozenburg and exhibited at the Roodkapje Rotterdam, the project has been selected for the Eindhoven Dutch Design Week. Vertel-stel will be also exhibited at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam. More information on the project HERE

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Creative Business Cup

The business plan submitted by XCOOP and Urban Symbiose shortlisted at the Dutch selection of the Creative Business Cup, an international competition aiming to improve the business skills and the number of successful companies in the creative industries. More information HERE.

xcoop® PR, August 9th, 2012




SoftRock Singing House selected

In April 2012, XCOOP submitted the SoftRock House didactic project to the Music & Architecture Contest, calling for designs combining Architecture and Music. SoftRock 'Singing House Project' has been selected and it will be presented at the Electroacoustic Music Festival in Rome, next Fall. Click HERE for more information on the project.

xcoop® PR, August 9th, 2012




Bye Bye Star System Bye Bye

XCOOP was invited to exhibit its work in Selinunte, Italy in March 2012. An interesting article by Maria Clara Ghia presents the exhibition and draws some inspiring conclusions on the post-architstar architecture panorama and xcoop position in it.

PresS/Tletter, April 23rd, 2012




Architects meet in Selinunte

XCOOP is invited to exhibit its work at the International Convention Architects Meet in Selinunte, from March 28th to April 1st, 2012.

xcoop® PR, March27th, 2012





Workshop in Soyapango

Cordaid Urban Matters, together with the Municipality of Soyapango and the Vice Ministry for the Social Housing of El Salvador, organized the first workshop for the development of an 'Urban Toolbox' to tackle an integral approach for urban planning of social housing. xcoop® and A-01 illustrated the Sustainable Urban Development Toolbox and led the workshop for the development of the El Bosque neighborhood in Soyapango, El Salvador.

Cordaid Urban Matters, March 19th, 2012





Archimove and Innovation Plan

At the end of 2010, XCOOP won a three years grant to develop an Innovative Plan, by Agentschap NL. This Innovative Trajectory included workshops and conferences. At the end of 2011, XCOOP presents its innovative strategy on sustainable planning for emerging markets at the conclusion of the Sustainable Building Workshop at Syntens in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

xcoop® PR, November 1st, 2011





Il Sole 24 Ore - Young Italian Architects abroad

XCOOP is interviewed by Il Sole 24 Ore on international experiences and networking in a time of crisis.

Il sole 24 ore (IT), October 24th, 2011






Academie van Bouwkunst / School of Architecture of McGill University, Final Project Review

Cristina C. Murphy and Andrea Bertassi are guest critics at the final review at Academie van Bouwkunst in Amsterdam. Sinisha Brdar led the summer studio of the School of Architecture of McGill University (Montreal, Canada). The studio focused on a new artificial archipelago off the Ijburg in Amsterdam.

xcoop® PR, July 22nd, 2011





Vidi Vici opening party

XCOOP proudly presents the newly renovated Vidi Vici Store. We invite you to join us on Wednesday, June 15 at 3pm, Botersloot 38a, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Appetizers and cocktails will be served.

xcoop® PR, June 10th, 2011





Delft University of Technology

Cristina Murphy is guest professor at TU Delft, BK4000 - Design Project, spring semester.

xcoop® PR, April 2nd, 2011 - www.tudelft.nl




Carry-On project in Mobile Architecture book

XCOOP's Carry-On, project for a temporary housing unit, has been published in the new Mobile Architecture book, by Damdi Architecture Publishing Co., Ltd - Seoul, South Korea.

xcoop® PR, March 11th, 2011 - www.damdi.co.kr/ma.html




XCOOP to speak at Subtropical Cities 2011

XCOOP will present its on-going research for an Innovative Plan at Florida Atlantic University on March 11th in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Florida. Cristina Murphy and Andrea Bertassi will talk about 'Universal Method → Local Design. A thought on traditional patterns in a globalized world'.

xcoop® PR, March 5th, 2011 - www.subtropicalcities2011.com





Construction starts on XCOOP's Diergaardesingel 54-55 project

The renovation of the building's shell and the design of 8 apartment's units has been approved by the Municipality of Rotterdam. The building's site is being prepared under the supervision of architects Raymond van den Broek and Cristina Murphy of XCOOP. Completion is due in July 2011.

xcoop® PR, March 1st, 2011





XCOOP wins research grant for innovation

XCOOP is glad to announce that its Innovation Plan on 'urban poor' communities of El Salvador (San Salvador) and Managua (Nicaragua) has been selected. Through Archimove, the Ministry of Economics of The Netherlands is granting three years research to develop sustainable housing in extreme climates.

xcoop® PR, September 10th, 2010





Vidi Vici store is complete!

XCOOP has delivered the interior for the Vidi Vici Store in Rotterdam. Grand Opening Party coming soon!

For more information on this project, click HERE

xcoop® PR, August 10th, 2010





Vidi Vici construction starts

XCOOP's VidiVici store project enters construction phase. The furniture is currently being built at Werkplaats De Rijk by XCOOP®, a total of 500kg of resin is being casted and 40m2 of birch wood cut and assembled. Delivery is due at the beginning of August 2010.

For more information on this project, click HERE

xcoop® PR, July 22th, 2010





Il Sole 24 Ore – How much does an architect cost?

XCOOP is interviewed by Il Sole 24 Ore on fees reserved to architects in The Netherlands. The article further explores the mysterious world of public competitions and selections for Tender in different countries.

Il sole 24 ore (IT), May 22nd 2010





Small Business in a time of Crisis
Mariana Idiarte interviews xcoop® for her article in de Architect.

During the past ten years, hundreds of architects from around the world have located their practice in the Netherlands. In recent years, the number of these independent companies continues to grow. According to a research by the BNA, fifty percent of these small businesses lasts for three months. Foreign architects leading small firms in The Netherlands do not belong to these statistics. It is worth while taking a look at what they do differently.

Please download the full article (pdf)


de Architect (NL), May 12th, 2010





xcoop® invites you to spend an our at our office and discuss your plans!

Veel mensen hebben bouwplannen, maar weten niet direct hoe ze het moeten aanpakken. De stap naar een architect vindt men vaak een stap te ver, maar men weet veelal niet waar men aan begint en wat men te wachten staat. Een goed advies voorkomt onbegrip, irritatie en onnodige kosten. XCOOP® vindt het dan ook belangrijk om de drempel naar de architect te verlagen en open te staan voor vragen.

Elke laatste zaterdagsmiddags van de maand bent u welkom op het spreekuur bij XCOOP®. U kunt vrijblijvend  binnenlopen met allerlei vragen op bouwkundig gebied. U wilt van gedachten wisselen over de bouw van een nieuwe woning. U heeft behoefte om eens hardop na te denken over de uitbreidings-/verbouwingsmogelijkheden van uw woning. Zijn uw bouwplannen vergunningsplichtig? U wilt een second opinion over een kwestie. Of heeft u andere interessante vraagstukken waar u mee worstelt, aarzel niet en stap bij ons binnen. 

Geen suf gesprek maar een deskundig advies onder het genot van een bakkie koffie. Komt de zaterdag u niet uit dan kunt u natuurlijk altijd een afspraak maken voor een andere dag.

Deelname is gratis.

Een telefoontje of mailtje vooraf is handig om wachten te voorkomen.

Spreekuur: Zaterdag, Juni 26, 2010 12:00-16:00


xcoop® PR, April 25th, 2010






XCOOP moves to downtown Rotterdam

XCOOP® is glad to announce the inauguration of its new headquarters at RAUM on the Stadhuisplein in Rotterdam Centrum, since March 1st 2010.


xcoop® PR, March 3rd, 2010






XCOOP awarded with the Green Prefab Honourable Mention

XCOOP® is proud to announce that its competiiton entry 'Carry-On' for 'Un Idea per la Ricostruzione' was chosen for the Green Prefab Honorable Selection. XCOOP® will have the opportunity in 2010 to further develop its prototype and present it to Italian and international Industrial Suppliers in view of future industrialization and production. At the same time XCOOP® is among the first designers selected for becoming Green Prefab certified in Italy.


Credits: Andrea Bertassi, Cristina Murphy, Andrea Massa, Roberto Ariu

 xcoop® PR, December 18th 2009





International Design Workshop 09, La Design Fabrica

XCOOP will be guest professor at the UCA San Salvador from the 26th till the 30th of October 2009.

xcoop® PR, September 24th 2009





XCOOP interviewd on creative start-ups

Cristina Cassandra Murphy and Andrea Bertassi have been interviewd by the popular Italian economuic daily paper over their experience in setting up XCOOP.

The interview focused on innovative ways of organizing new business and succesful start-ups ran by young Italians abroad.

Il sole 24 ore (IT), August 5th 2009




Fiera della Sardegna


XCOOP Associates awarded an Honourable Mention

XCOOP Associates Cristina Murphy, Andrea Bertassi and Maria Laura Orru' were awarded an honorable mention as the outcome of an International Ideas Competition for the Requalification of the International Trade Fair of Sardinia, 'Fiera della Sardegna' in Cagliari, Italy.


Credits: Roberto Ariu, Ilaria Attuoni, Andrea Bertassi, Davide Cossu, Rossana Galanti, Philippe Braun, Cristina Cassandra Murphy, Maria Laura Orru', Luca Vallebona.  This project was presented by each of the individual designers listed above in their capacity as individual participants and not on behalf of XCOOP® although some of the individual participants were, and still are, XCOOP® associates and collaborators.

Azienda Speciale Camera di Commercio, Cagliari, July 8th 2009

Europaconcorsi.com, July 10th 2009




Fiera della Sardegna


Cristina Murphy on OMA's project for Sant'Elia

XCOOP is pleased to announce the release of the book "Architettura Citta' e Paesaggio - Il progetto urbano per il quartiere di Sant'Elia a Cagliari". The concept master plan of OMA / Rem Koolhaas for the requalification of the area is beeing presented through an article authored by Cristina Murphy, XCOOP, project manager at OMA for the Sant'Elia project.

Gangemi Editore, July 7th 2009




After two years of common efforts, Roberto Ariu and Ilaria Attuoni informed us of their intention to stop the collaboration with XCOOP®.  Please join us in thanking them for their contribution to XCOOP, and wish them well in their future endeavors.

xcoop® PR, June 17th 2009





XCOOP is glad to announce its move into the Creative Factory in Rotterdam Zuid, since May 1st 2009.


xcoop® PR, May 1st 2009






Il sole 24 ore (IT), February 23rd 2009


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