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Cristina Cassandra Murphy Architect (US/IT) Cristina co-founded XCOOP (2009), a think tank that through its flexible and permeable approach, analyzes contemporary living and provides creative solutions within a wide range of disciplines. Through XCOOP, Cristina moved deeper into the understanding of dynamics between social circumstances and the built environment. Cristina is developing a creative collaboration with India, China and Central America facilitating creative exchanges that induce innovative design concepts.

More specifically, the appetite for bettering living conditions is challenging Cristina and XCOOP to generate an Urban Toolbox, which intends to monitor the development of projects to ensure that each and every being involved fulfills his/her expectations. Presently, Cristina is designing an Integrated Sustainable Masterplan for Central America.

Cristina started her career at OMA and worked with Rem Koolhaas on several projects. She is an Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. Also, she has been Lecturer at the University of Arizona, Visiting Fellow at the Architecture School at Taliesin and Taliesin West, guest professor at the University of Central America of San Salvador (El Salvador), University of Mumbai, Academy of Architecture, also in Mumbai, UNICA of Cagliari (Italy), at the TUDelft and Guest Critic at the MIARD, Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.





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